The Art of Dashboard Design – 7 Fundamentals to Master

Everyone likes dashboards because they’re easy to read, interact with, and deliver insights into your business. But knowing how to convey the right information quickly and for different types of users can be challenging without the right approach.

See the fundamentals of design as well as tips and tricks from a veteran UI/UX designer on how to transform your data into effective visual masterpieces.


WebinarThe Art of Dashboard Design – 7 Fundamentals to Master

Design isn’t just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

Who is Logi Analytics?


It’s an online tool designed to help you select color schemes…


What's Color Brewer?

Oil and Gas Dashboard

Explore an integrated view of exploration and production management by reporting on well details and bore data, enabling insight into performance and drilling efficiency.

Insuring Your BI – A Blueprint for Getting Started

What’s the best way to get a clear view of the duration and cost of a BI initiative before you invest in resources?

Watch how, with the help of a BI Project Blueprint, Farmers Mutual Hail developed a full-scope, detailed plan to safeguard implementation.


WebinarInsuring Your BI – A Blueprint for Getting Started

Sales Accelerator Dashboard

Designed to get embedded analytics in front of your prospects faster through a professional services engagement to configure and deploy a Logi Info demo application embedded directly into a demo version of your product.


For centuries, people have depended on visual representations such as charts and maps to understand information more quickly and easily.

- Digital Marketing Magazine
Marketing Lead Gen Dashboard

See how your lead generation campaigns are doing by tracking run rates, actuals vs plans, and expected ROI for each channel.


Avoid inundating the user with too much data…


Best Practice: More isn't Always Better

Beyond Responsive – 10 Trends to Master for Mobile BI

How do you deliver BI assets, like dashboards and reports, in a mobile-friendly way to large audiences through smartphones, and tablet devices? You can apply responsive design – but designing for mobile is much more than that.

Get the lowdown on the top ten trends to consider when designing for the user on the go.


WebinarBeyond Responsive – 10 Trends to Master for Mobile BI

Sales Performance Dashboard

Explore a complete view of opportunity information and data distribution using pre-built, interactive dashboards to display the key indicators driving sales performance.

Dashboard Design 101 – How to Create Effective Visualizations

Learn and see tips, tricks and best practices for designing your own dashboard through the wide range of visually engaging charts and reports available within Logi Info.


WebinarDashboard Design 101 – How to Create Effective Visualizations

Some argue they take up valuable space and provide limited…


What are Gauges Notorious For?

Facility Management Dashboard

See real-time KPIs to track performance of every asset, accurately predict point of asset failure, and save maintenance costs to ensure tracking and availability of property assets, that service level agreements are met, and that overall costs can be reduced.


Design should never say look at me! It should always say look at this!

- David Craib, Owner of Parable Communications

80-90% of the fonts used today either belong to…


Which font is the most widely used today?

As you’re building and sharing visualizations, think about…


Best Practice: Set Appropriate Limits

Readmission Rates Dashboard

See the big picture through reports and visualization of system-wide readmissions metrics, revealing insights into trends and providing detailed benchmarks against HRRP thresholds.

Workforce Recruitment Dashboard

Manage recruitment metrics easily with an integrated view on cost per requisition, department size, and employee reviews to determine which departments need more efficiencies.


People ignore design that ignores people.

- Frank Chimero, Designer & Author of The Shape of Design

Is it interactive charts and graphs or…..


What defines the "sexiness" factor of dashboards?

“We want to make it the way we do business.”


One size does-not-fit-all when it comes to using data…


How do YOU use data to make decisions?

Crime Statistics Dashboard

Explore a comprehensive view of crime data broken down by state within the United States to understand distribution and average incidents by region.

30 Dashboards in 30 Minutes [W/Alchemy50]

Ryan Anderson, of creative agency Alchemy50, highlights 30 dashbboard examples that best showcase the top tips and best practices for creating effective dashboard designs.


Webinar30 Dashboards in 30 Minutes [W/Alchemy50]

Employee Performance Dashboard

Track performance KPIs for each individual employee to determine if customer satisfaction and productivity levels have been met.


Sometimes organizations live by this adage but it’s a fallacy…


If You Build It, Will They Come?

Design is not a thing you do. It’s a way of life.

- Alan Fletcher, British Graphic Designer

“We’re able to dive into the information we need, find insights, and use those insights to drive decision-making.”

Medical Analysis Indicator Dashboard

Examine healthcare provider KPIs by length of stay, demographics, symptoms and geographic origin.

Banking KPI Dashboard

Explore an integrated view of banking data to understand customer buying behavior and identify cross-selling opportunities.


Drilldown’s allow you to look at data at different levels while…


What's the difference between a drilldown & a drillthrough?

It’s a process where “stream of consciousness data” is converted into…


What is Wireframing?

The 4 components of an effective dashboard are…


Know the 4 Components of an Effective Dashboard?

Plant Performance Dashboard

Explore an integrated view of inventory and resource management by reporting on system-wide plant operations, enabling insight into plant and supply chain efficiency.


How do we deliver on the promise of self-service analytics?

Mobile BI Dashboard

Track revenue data by region, ad sales, and channel across an easy to use mobile interface so remote workers can access the data wherever they are.

Set it & Forget It – How SSB Built Once and Deployed to All

It’s no surprise that a growing challenge for many software organizations is efficiently delivering on the varied analytical needs of their many customers, each of whom have specific requirements.

See how SSB Consulting developed a BI platform that pulls data from different channels and empowers their many customers to make strategic marketing and sales decisions that drive growth and success.


WebinarSet it & Forget It – How SSB Built Once and Deployed to All

It’s a type of visualization that’s best used to display…


What's a Scatter Chart?

Dental Scorecard Dashboard

View all dental patient facilities in one view to understand patient satisfaction levels and identify cross-selling opportunities.

Network Operator Dashboard

Evaluate detailed visualizations of where things are going wrong, where processes need to be improved, and how to forecast future risks to help enhance the customer and agent experience by enabling them to visualize analytics and historical data on-demand without programming.

Visual Analytics 101 – Tips in Concept, Layout & Content

Visual analytics done right borrows on a few key design basics – how to tailor the user experience, and an understanding of graphic art and dashboards. But just because you’re not a seasoned graphic designer doesn’t mean you can’t make professional clean-looking visual designs.


WebinarVisual Analytics 101 – Tips in Concept, Layout & Content

User experience is the never-ending process of seeing the world from the customers’ perspective & working to improve the quality of their lives.

- Whitney Hess, User Experience Design Coach & Writer

You should use it only when real estate….


When Should You Use Stacked Columns or Bars?

It’s a type of visualization that’s best used for showing…


What's a Sparkline?

Our opportunity is to learn how to handle the complexity, rather than shy away from it, and realize that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple.

- Tim Parsey, Head of Digital Customer Experience, JPMorgan Chase